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Welcome to the LE2 Group Wiki!


Welcome to the LE2 Group Wiki for the Organisational Architecture Module Assignment. We hope you enjoy navigating and viewing the various discussions and elements we have collated.

Wiki Brief

Wiki Topic

The Topic of our Wiki is 'Organisational Culture', and the main content can be found in the Analysis page. This is a wide topic, so we will be focussing on areas of common interested and gradually narrowing discussions. For discussions around how we settled on a subject, see Wiki Topic


Wiki Overview

A summary and overview of the wiki is summarised here, along with the thought processes that led to it.

Additional Media

The below video is a good place to start on Organisational Culture.

The photo and video pages provide additional media sources to tell the story of Organisational Culture.

The rss page shows some feeds to other information.


Here is a full list of references used throughout the Wiki.

Wiki Feedback

Please feel free to provide feedback on the presentation or content of the wiki.

Top Contributors

Many thanks to the contributors to this wiki.